Why do mothers need help?

Breastfeeding is a perfectly natural function and women have been doing it for all of human history. So why would anyone need help with such a natural biological function? Surely it should just happen as nature intended?

Unfortunately, modern, Western life has not been very conducive to breastfeeding, which is not only instinctive, but also a learned behaviour. Due to the loss of extended family, most women do not learn much about breastfeeding while growing up.

Most women initiate breastfeeding because they understand its importance to their babies and themselves. Sadly, many give up earlier than they planned due to problems such as sore nipples, inadequate milk production, and infant difficulties with breastfeeding. Most of these are either avoidable or manageable when mothers receive the necessary support.

When women receive incorrect or conflicting information, or are discouraged by unsupportive health professionals, relatives or friends, it undermines their confidence in their ability to  breastfeed successfully.

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