FREE e-book on sleep!

This is a **FREE e-book** (pdf format, phone/tablet friendly). In case you’re wondering: why is this book free..? What’s the catch…? Or is it just rubbish…? No* 😉 It’s because I would like people to SHARE it widely and get the message out there that it’s NOT OK to leave babies to cry alone! That is much more important to me than making money out of selling it!

Click here to download: –>How babies and toddlers really sleep 2022HBTRS coverjpeg

HBTRS Table of contents

* Feedback about the book:

I just started reading this book this morning and cannot put it down! Fantastic information presented in a relatable and entertaining way that just makes sense! Absolutely love it ❤️


Best book on baby sleep! More people need to read this instead of thinking they got a “bad sleeper”


I just wanted to give you some feedback, I absolutely love your book it is the best thing I’ve read regarding baby sleep and I think I’ve read every article published online.
I love the section on WIO, everything just makes sense.
I wish I had found this book earlier, it would have saved me from a lot of heartache.
This book is my sleep bible.
Everyone should read this book, I have recommended it to many people already.


Best book I’ve ever read. I keep going back to it.


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